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Our taps are rotated often and we are always coming up with new and delicious beers.  

Smooth in the ‘Couve Cream Ale 

​Okay, so you like Rainier, you like Bud, the style is an undeniably important part of the American brewing story. Add another chapter with this luxurious lawnmower beer brewed right downstairs instead of halfway across the country. Go crisp, go refreshing, go local!

20% flaked corn blended with American Pilsner malt and Willamette hops.

5% AVB

25 IBUs

Trusty's American Craft

​We decided you can't have too much of a good thing! Our take on a true American craft Ale.  Easy to drink with a smooth finish, this is a great any time beer.  Enjoy after a long day or just because, it hits the spot.  Brewed with Mecca Grade Estate Pilsner-style Barley Malt from Madras, Oregon.

5.5% AVB

19 IBUs

Trusty Weissbier

A traditional German style beer, a hefeweizen, but not in the typical Portland style—this is Vancouver after all. Think Bavaria when you quaff this easy drinking blend of 50% unmalted wheat and yeast from one of the world’s oldest breweries. This pint of world heritage has pleasing notes of banana at the nose, and a surprising clove nip to taste—a nice, dry summer beer that weighs in at a very agreeable 6% ABV

6% ABV

13 IBUs

Call Me! Blonde Ale

​We love a good Blonde and this one is a winner.  We've taken Roasted Oat malt and the perfect blends of Mecca Grade Opal 22: Graham and Cocoa and Opal 44: Toasted Toffee Barley Malts from Madras, Oregon and come up with a full flavored Blonde with hints of toffee and cocoa.  Brewed with German hops and true to our heritage

6.3% AVB

17 IBUs

Purple Rain Belgian Ale

We didn't want to make another pumpkin beer last fall so we put on our thinking caps and this was the result.  A beautiful Belgian Ale made with Black Currant puree, this beer is anything but typical.  A little on the sour side, but also sweet and it pours purple! You'll just have to try it.  ​

5% AVB

11 IBUs

Aunt Bea's Smokey Butterscotch Blonde Ale 

​Okay, so you like our Call Me! Blonde Ale?! Well, this one was the brain child of my daughter Emily who thought a Blonde Ale with a touch of butterscotch would delicious.  With a little more Toasted Toffee Barley Malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malt and some real butterscotch I think we nailed it.  

5.4% AVB

12 IBUs

Trusty Pale

What you think about when you think about pale ale. This go-to pale combines two-row malt and Cascade hops for a unique take on a tried-and-true style. Make it your Trusty Pale.

Average 6.0% ABV

35 IBUs

Corner Window IPA 

Our flagship IPA. Voted #1 IPA in Vancouver by Willamette Week. This is a thoughtful, well-balanced IPA, not a one-dimensional hop bomb. It refreshes with a combination of Pils malt, 2-row Malt, along with five hop varietals: Galena, Bravo, Centennial, Simcoe and Citra.

Average 6.9%-7.3% ABV

77-83 IBUs

SR-500 Red Ale

Sit in Trusty not in traffic!  Frequently appearing in GPS apps as a bright red tributary meandering across Vancouver, SR-500 makes us all see red once in a while. In tribute to all those who sit, have sat, or will sit in the quagmire that is SR-500, Trusty offers SR-500 Red Ale, Trusty’s paean to NW red ale.  A subtle blend of American and German malts pair with old school hops (Galena, Centennial, and Amarillo) creating a Trusty favorite served all over Vancouver.

ABV: 6.5% 

IBUs: 62

Shade Seeker Brown

A peaceful balance of mild, roasted malts and soft hop notes. If you’re not familiar with American Brown Ale, seek this one out at the end of a busy day. If you are familiar with the style, grab a patch of shade!

Two-row hops, flaked barley, light and dark caramel malts, and roasted grains and malts.

AVB: 6%

IBUs: 30

Foreign Extra Stout 

​Many see a stout and can only think of burnt toast and bitterness. But curl up with Trusty Foreign Extra and find a deep, rich sweetness that’ll  ease the winter doldrums. You won’t  be disappointed by this modern take on a revered style.

Two-row malt,  roasted malts, Nugget, Galena, and Willamette hops.

Average 7.8% ABV

63 IBUs